Sony Unlocking Instructions

We provide four types of unlocking codes for each Sony IMEI

  • NCK – 16 digit Network Code
  • NSCK – 16 digit Network Subset Code
  • SPCK – 16 digit Special Provider Code
  • CCK – 16 digit Corporate Code

Most Sony phones are only Network lock level enabled marked by [x] therefore most of the time you only need to use the SIM_LOCK code. However few networks may activate many locks at the same time or they may enable an alternative lock level such as NSCK or SPCK.

Instructions to unlock your Sony Phone

  • Insert any working, non-accepted SIM card into your Sony phone (other than the one it is locked to) and restart it.
  • You will be asked to enter SIM Network Unlock Pin (as shown in the image), Enter the unlock code.
  • Your phone will display a message which says Network Unlock Request Successful.

Congratulations! Your Phone is Now Unlocked.

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