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Sony phones have a counter which counts each failed attempt made to unlock the phone by a unlock code. Before you place your order it is important to make sure that count is NOT set to 0. Every new locked phone has the counter value set to 10 and for each incorrect attempt the counter decrease by 1. If the counter reaches 0, the phone gets hard-locked and it cannot be unlocked by a Unlock Code.

Prior purchasing please make sure that the Unlock Counter is NOT 0. Follow the below steps to verify:

  • Dial *#*#7378423#*#* in your handset. Now a menu will appear
  • In the Menu go to Service Info > SIM Lock
Sony Lock Levels

In this menu there are 5 rows as shown below, each representing a different level of SIM Lock.

  • [x] Network 7 – It means you have 7 attempts left to use a Unlock Code
  • [ ] Network subset 0
  • [ ] Service provider 0
  • [ ] Corporate 0
  • [ ] SIM 0
[x] means that lock level is Enabled and [ ] means that lock is disabled

We provide four types of unlocking codes for each Sony IMEI.

  • NCK – 16 digit Network Code
  • NSCK – 16 digit Network Subset Code
  • SPCK – 16 digit Special Provider Code
  • CCK – 16 digit Corporate Code

Most Sony phones are only Network lock level enabled marked by [x] therefore most of the time you only need to use the SIM_LOCK code. However few networks may activate many locks at the same time or they may enable an alternative lock level such as NSCK or SPCK.

Please Note

If your phone is counter blocked then please do not place an order. If the phone is counter blocked and still you place an order with us, you will not be eligible for a refund in case the code doesn’t work.

If you need any kind of support, please contact us at support@unlockforest.com.