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How to identify the lock level of your Samsung phone

  • Dial *#7465625# in your handset while connected to its locked network (e.g. If your phone is locked to AT&T insert an AT&T SIM card into your handset, turn on and dial the code)
Samsung Lock Levels

The phone will display a similar message as shown in the above image.

  • [xxx] Network lock
  • [xxx] Network Subset lock
  • [xxx] SP lock
  • [xxx] CP lock

xxx = value ON or OFF

Please Note

Not all Samsung phones support this functionality. For latest models like Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note or all types of Samsung Focus series-devices the lock is only Network Lock and you can skip this test.

We provide four types of unlocking codes for each Samsung IMEI.

  • NCK – 8 digit Network Code
  • SCK – 8 digit Subset Code
  • SPCK – 8 digit SP Code
  • MCK – 8 digit Unfreeze/Defreeze Code

If the [xxx] value of Network lock is ON then you will need to use only the NCK code. If you see the Subset lock value as ON then you will need the SCK code and if you see the SP lock value as ON you will need the SPCK code.

Most Samsung phones are only Network Lock enabled therefore most of the time you only need to use the NCK code. However few networks may activate many locks at the same time or they may enable an alternative lock level such as SCK or SPCK.

Important Warning

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Note 2, Note 3 OR if your phone is running Android 4.4 (KitKat)

All Samsung phones manufactured after July 2013, phones running on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and brand new phones are subject to Region Locking. You must activate your new phone with the original carrier before you can unlock it.

If your Samsung device becomes Region locked, it cannot be factory unlocked to use with other GSM networks. To make sure your phone doesn’t get Region Locked, you MUST activate (First Use) the phone on the Original carrier and use it at least Once to disable the Region Lock (make at least One phone call for a 5 minute duration). After the Region lock is removed you can SIM Unlock your phone using our Unlock Code.

If you have used your phone on the carrier it is locked to(like making calls or sending messages), the above warning doesn’t apply to you.

  • All Canadian Carriers are NOT subject to Region Locking
  • All USA and European Carriers ARE subject to Region Locking
  • There will be absolutely no refunds, if your device is Region Locked and an Unlock code is provided for your Samsung Device.

If you need any assistance please contact us at support@unlockforest.com.