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I confirm that my phone displays Unlock Window

Prior purchasing please check if your LG Phone is SIM locked using the below procedure:

  • Insert a SIM card of any different network into your HTC handset, restart and see if the SIM Network Unlock Pin window is displayed as shown in the image below.
SIM Network Unlock Pin

We provide six types of unlocking codes for each LG IMEI

  • SIM_UNLOCK – 8 or 16 digit Network Code
  • NSLCK UNLOCK – 8 or 16 digit NSLCK Code
  • CLCK UNLOCK – 8 or 16 digit CLCK Code
  • PCK UNLOCK – 8 or 16 digit PCK Code
  • ESLCK UNLOCK – 8 or 16 digit ESLCK Code
  • SP_LOCK – 8 or 16 digit SP_LOCK Code

Most LG phones are only SIM_Lock enabled therefore most of the time you only need to use SIM_UNLOCK code. However few networks may activate many locks at the same time or they may enable an alternative lock level such as SP_LOCK or PCK_LOCK.

Please make sure that you enter the correct IMEI number as you will not be able to change this after an order is placed with us. Be sure to get the IMEI from the phone(Dial *#06 to get your IMEI no) – NOT from the phone’s box. Because we check the availability of the Unlock Code from the LG IMEIs database.

Place your order using the form above, your unlock code and instructions to unlock will be sent to the specified email address as well as to your PayPal email address. Unlock codes are usually dispatched within 3 minutes of the purchase, however in some cases it can take up longer.

If you need any kind of support, please contact us at support@unlockforest.com.

Fill the above form and place your order via PayPal

Choose the model of your LG phone, Country & Network it is locked to. Enter the correct IMEI no and email. Place your order via PayPal.

Receive confirmation Email and wait for us to process your Order

Once the payment is done, you will get an order confirmation Email specifying the details of the order placed and the time required to process your LG Unlock request.

Order in Process – Querying the LG database to get your Unlock Code

After we receive your order, your IMEI is sent to LG’s IMEI database server for querying. Once processed, your unlock code will be found and delivered to your email ID.

Unlock Code Found! Just follow the instructions sent in the email and you’re done!

Just follow the instructions we provide you in the email, enter the LG Unlock Code in your handset and your phone will be permanently unlocked!

No. The unlock code works only on stock ROM, you will have to revert to stock ROM, use the code and once unlocked you can install any custom ROM of your choice.

Unfortunately no. If your LG phone doesn’t ask for a SIM Network Unlock Pin when you insert a different SIM card, it cannot be unlocked by code.

Unlock codes are usually delivered to your email in less than 3 minutes of the purchase. However in a few cases (less than 1% of our orders) it may take up to 12 hours.

Every LG phone has different instructions to be followed in order to use the unlock code. Instructions will be sent to your email ID from which the order was placed. Alternatively you can find them on LG Unlocking Instructions page.

In order to access internet on your device you need to call up customer service of the carrier on which you are trying to access Internet and get the correct APN settings. There is no separate unlock for data/internet. If you are able to make calls and send texts on the new network, your phone is factory unlocked.

If your phone is asking for PUK Code/Security Pin/Password, it is the SIM card password or phone security password and NOT the Network Unlock Code sent by us. You need to contact your service provider and ask them about it. Once you bypass this screen, you can use the Network Unlock Code and get your phone factory unlocked.

Before you place an order with us, you need to make sure your phone is compatible with the network you want to use it on. The unlocked phone must be able to support the Network’s Frequency. This can be done by calling up the customer care of that carrier and asking them about the compatibility of your device on their network. Not all phones are compatible with all networks after being unlocked.

After unlocking your phone, please remove the battery for a few minutes and restart your phone. It takes a few minutes for your phone to pick up the new signal. To make sure your phone is detecting the new signal, go to your Network settings on your phone and check the list of available networks.

Due to the supplier’s policy, video proof MUST be provided if the Unlock code provided by us does not work.

We will contact you to confirm that the information entered when the order was placed was accurate. If all the information entered is correct, we reserve the right to require additional evidence to verify the claim that the unlock procedure did not unlock your device. You will be required to send us a video recording showing the device in question, along with the IMEI number displayed on the device screen. Additionally, the video must show you inserting an alternate GSM SIM card in the device and the displayed message on the screen, then you typing the unlock code and the message displayed after you type in the code.

You need to upload the video on YouTube and send us an email with the order detail and the link to the video to support@unlockforest.com. Please note these measures are the only way that we can verify the validity of your claim.

Please allow up to 3 business days for the refund to show up in your account.