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Prior purchasing please check if your LG Phone is SIM locked using the below procedure:

  • Insert a SIM card of any different network into your HTC handset, restart and see if the SIM Network Unlock Pin window is displayed as shown in the image below.
SIM Network Unlock Pin

We provide six types of unlocking codes for each LG IMEI

  • SIM_UNLOCK – 8 or 16 digit Network Code
  • NSLCK UNLOCK – 8 or 16 digit NSLCK Code
  • CLCK UNLOCK – 8 or 16 digit CLCK Code
  • PCK UNLOCK – 8 or 16 digit PCK Code
  • ESLCK UNLOCK – 8 or 16 digit ESLCK Code
  • SP_LOCK – 8 or 16 digit SP_LOCK Code

Most LG phones are only SIM_Lock enabled therefore most of the time you only need to use SIM_UNLOCK code. However few networks may activate many locks at the same time or they may enable an alternative lock level such as SP_LOCK or PCK_LOCK.

Please make sure that you enter the correct IMEI number as you will not be able to change this after an order is placed with us. Be sure to get the IMEI from the phone(Dial *#06 to get your IMEI no) – NOT from the phone’s box. Because we check the availability of the Unlock Code from the LG IMEIs database.

Place your order using the form above, your unlock code and instructions to unlock will be sent to the specified email address as well as to your PayPal email address. Unlock codes are usually dispatched within 3 minutes of the purchase, however in some cases it can take up longer.

If you need any kind of support, please contact us at support@unlockforest.com.